About Us

Lesson Squad helps brands collect consumer data and increase sales.

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Founded since 2016
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Our Approach

The world's greatest brands don't just sell products, they serve as the foundation of a hobby or profession (e.g. music, sports...). These brands have the opportunity to help their customers develop their passion and promote repeat use of their products. Through our experience in the industry, we've found that the most effective way to achieve this is for the brand to provide an online engagement hub where customers can take lessons, enter video competitions and discover products based on recommendations from trusted experts. As customers participate in this digital community, the brand enjoys increased awareness, stronger retention and lower marketing costs while playing a foundational role in each customer's life.

Our history
Prior to developing our software platform for brands, we launched our own branded engagement hub, Lesson Squad, to help musicians build strong relationships with their students, friends and fans. This hub has facilitated thousands of music lessons, trusted product recommendations and other valuable interactions. Our success with this consumer facing hub inspired many of the features that are now available to brands using our white-label platform, LS, also known as Lesson Squad for Enterprise.

Investors and Backers

We are venture-backed.

Contour Venture Partners

B2B SaaS focused venture capital firm based in New York

Correlation Ventures

Venture fund with more than $365 million under management

Harvard Innovation Lab

Incubator promoting startup activities across the Harvard University ecosystem.

Softeq Venture Studio

Startup accelerator and venture fund focused on technology companies.