Pro/Artist Hub

Launch a branded hub where consumers can see your pros/artists, shop recommended gear, and book 1:1s.

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Everything you need for your artist/pro program

Searchable roster

Consumers can easily navigate and draw inspiration from artists, pros or creators on your website.

Let consumers book 1:1s or group experiences.

Scheduling, payments, messaging and even online video is built in so your brand stays front and center.

Product recommendations with quotes and "where-to-buy" buttons

Consumers can see what products artist, pros and creators recommend any why.

Artist/Pro login to submit profile updates

No more chasing after artists, pros and creators to onboard or update their information.

Launch your branded engagement hub in minutes

Start tracking your users analytics like never before

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User behaviour

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User engagement

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Advanced Attribution

Identify which pros/artists are driving awareness, engagement and even sales for your brand.

Consumer 1-on-1 and group experiences

Scheduling, payments, messaging and live video are built in to your hub so consumers can interact with your pros/artists.

Pro/Artist Profiles

Profile pages for each of your pros/artists. Let them log in to edit their profiles and be part of your community.

Product Recommendations

Allow pros/artists to recommend gear on their profile along with personal quotes and "where-to-buy" buttons.


Experiences are optimize to drive consumers to take action, strengthening their relationship with your brand.

White Label

Match the look of your website and host it on your custom domain for a fully white label experience.